By: Amaal Ebrahim

Tips For Moving With Pets

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Moving can be an exciting time! It is the fresh start that brings exciting new adventures. 
Unfortunately, it can be quite taxing on our little friends! It is common for dogs, cats, and other pets to not take to a new home at first. However, if you prepare the right steps you can make moving more enjoyable and less stressful for your best friend! 

Create a moving kit

Create an overnight bag for your pet. Add food, toys, a bed, and litter so that everything they need is easily accessible while you’re busy unpacking boxes.

Keep your pet away from the hustle 

 Your moving day will come with a lot of commotion. All of the moving can create anxiety for your pet. Try to keep them away from the hustle. Ask a friend to watch your pet on moving day or take them to a kennel for the day. If that’s not possible, let them stay in a quiet room.

Let them ride with you

When everything is loaded and it’s time to make a move to your new home, make sure that your pet rides with you. If your pet is really nervous, put them in their crate and cover it with a blanket so that they can’t see the changing scenery.


Ease your pet into your new home 

If it’s possible, set up as much as you can in your new home before moving your pet. If not, keep your pet secluded in a calm area of the house with things they recognize, like toys or a bed, until things look normal for them. Easing them into their new space will make it more comfortable. Don’t let your pet outside unattended until they’ve adjusted to their new neighborhood.


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