Top 3 reasons to work with me:
  • I speak 6 languages - Swahili, Hindi, Urdu, Kacchi and Gujjarati.
  • I exhibit a high standard of work ethic, integrity and professionalism. Most of my clients have been sourced from referrals - my work speaks for itself.
  • I belong to a huge community of 60,000 in the GTA

About me:
My extensive experience with people both in life and in my career has taught me to work with compassion, integrity, honesty and professionalism. Over the years, I have come to understand that it is not just about the "bottom line" or the structure of the house...it is more so about the individuals and families that are impacted through the process of buying and selling.

Complimentary Home Staging, Complimentary Professional Photography, Digital Marketing, Negotiations Expertise
Designations and Certifications
Seller Representative Specialist

By: Mike A. (Seller, 2015)

Energetic witty and pleasant to be around, creative in her approach and has a performance second to none.

By: Philippe A. (Buyer, 2015)

Amaal Ebrahim is an amazing realtor who catered to our needs and went above and beyond our expectations. She is patient and understands your needs and wants. I highly recommend her as a realtor. She puts the clients interest first and foremost. All the best in your future endeavors!

By: Karim P. (Buyer, 2015, 2016)

I met Amaal last year through a friend, who highly recommended her for all my real estate needs in Toronto. I live in Calgary and wanted someone who was knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, trustworthy. I haven't bought any property yet but I'm hoping to buy one soon. Amaal spent her day with me couple of months ago while I was in Toronto showing me properties in my desired location. She made all the bookings prior to my arrival which was great. Amaal has been my eyes and ears in Toronto. We keep in constant contact through e-mails, phone calls and texts. She always made sure I knew, if the property would be a good or bad resell for later on. Amaal has been quite helpful to me and I highly recommend her if you're in the market to buy or sell. Karim Poonja Cochrane, Alberta

By: Orlando D. (Buyer, 2015)

To be honest, as a "Foreign" based person I wasn't even intending nor was I even thinking about investing in Real Estate when I spoke with Amaal. However, after I had a long chat with her and she told me what she was doing and kind of convinced me that I SHOULD be looking at investing in a Home/Real estate in Canada at this particular time when the CAD was at an all-time low against the USD and also very attractive Mortgage rates too etc. etc., I finally ended up asking her (just for the heck of it at the time) to forward me any exciting/interesting opportunities etc. etc. that she knew off currently and I then spoke to her again at length and had a detailed discussion and ended up by deciding to go for my first Real estate Investment in Canada! To be honest, she was very informative, knowledgeable, "real" and convincing and my decision to invest in Canada was really made only because I was convinced after speaking to her a couple of times that she knew her stuff and it was indeed a very good time to invest in Canada so I took the decision. I must state here that having a lot of family living in Canada already and having spoken many times previously to other Realtors/Brokers, I NEVER was convinced or confident to take the plunge and make a decision until now. She is very determined, straight-forward and to the point and willing to admit when she may not have an immediate response to questions asked and willing to consult/ask other more experienced and long-time Realtors and revert promptly with an opinion and frank advice.

By: Terrance J. (Buyer, 2016)

Amaal's performance was outstanding!! She was very outgoing and enthusiastic, and very educated on every topic.

By: Susan M. (Buyer, 2016)

Amaal was recommended by two of my best friends when I was considering to buy my first dream home in Whitby. When my second friend mentioned her name I said to myself I have to call her. I checked the reviews of her services and saw that she had a good number of 5 star reviews so I contacted her to see about buying my home and she quickly arranged for a meeting and sat down with me for few hours to get whatever was in my head, from worries to priorities, my needs from school to commute or community preferences everything was addressed and written down. I'm a very organized and detail oriented person but even I was surprised to see how she handled my needs, she asked me questions that never crossed my mind. I was amazed to see her professionalism. She has a guide to the process for buying and selling that she will share with you and help you understand each and every step of it, so I will not go into too much details but she proved to be efficient hard working and put a lot of effort into answering questions and helping out with each stage and making an effort to help as much as possible throughout the process. Overall I'll definitely recommend her as she offer good negotiating skills If you are in need of or want to buy your dream home faster than normal and with a price they will bring a smile on your face then Amaal Ebrahim is the one for you.

By: Gail R. (Buyer, 2016)

Amaal was a delight to work with, professional and efficient. In the trying times that can be when searching for your new home, Amaal always showed up with the most positive and encouraging words to re assure us we are on the right track. Amaal also interacted well with other showing agents, always polite and courteous. She is dilligent and hard working, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Amaal.

By: Sam A. (Buyer, 2016)

Excellent. Looked after our best interests and found exactly what we needed

By: Pilippe Alberigo (Seller, 2016)

Amaal was an amazing realtor who catered to our needs and went above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend her as a realtor. She puts the clients interest first and foremost. All the best in your new business!

By: Jamil Vadsaria (Seller, 2017)

In an oversaturated industry of sales reps, Amaal can truly make a silk purse from a sows ear. After a vigorous vetting process, we had decided to sign a contract with someone other than Amaal. Not one to shrink from the perception of low qualifications, Amaal took it upon herself to sign me up for a single week exclusive agreement. Without the benefit of MLS or even a sign on my front lawn, she tapped into her expansive social and professional circles to find a match for my home. Various realtors had offered a range of price to be expected from the sale, Amaal was higher than even the top estimate. On the last day of the contract Amaal secured a buyer willing to pay $20k over her outlandish figure! We were awestruck by her persistence and commitment to deliver. Highly recommended.

By: Eric Perez-Salas (Seller, 2017)

Hardworking and very professional real estate agent who is dedicated to helping her clients with their best interest in mind. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

By: Marcel Patino (Buyer, 2017)

Highly professional and results driven - Amaal is personality savvy! She helped me with my Real Estate needs within one week of being in touch with her! I would hire her again in a heart beat and would highly recommend her to anybody!

By: Riyaz Virani (Seller, 2018)

I Think Amaal is very talented, and is Excellent in marketing Properties.

By: Lysette Sain -Phar (Seller, 2018)

Amaal make our experience of selling our house easy and enjoyable. she was very professional in her manner but friendly. She is very dedicated to help her client, Amaal demonstrated and continue to demonstrate her dedication and professionalism. She has a great love for her career and it shines through her quality& her eagerness to make her client happy. I would highly recommend Amaal to friends and family. A huge thank you to Amaal for her effort and dedication

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