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August 9, 2018  - Tom Ferry's Success Summit 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center

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Hi This is Amaal from Keller Williams Energy in Toronto and I'm just here doing this again because the previous one actually did not post it's bad network but I just want you to see where I am and how many agents are here today trying to mastermind on what the real estate is going to look like in the next 18 months anywhere in the world so here I am in Anaheim California for four days at a tone fairy summit and we are masterminding networking and brainstorming for you so that you all know what's gonna happen in the next 18 months would you be interested in knowing what your market is going to look like in the next 18 months how about your property are you interested in knowing what your property is actually going to be worth it is fantastic thank you so much for following me hi Brian I hope all all as well I love us keep watching me and Kareem ah I love you so much but here here is where you know all these people great amazing realtors from all over the world are really not just North America Europe as well and it's fantastic I love what I do I'm here to serve you and this exactly why I'm here today I'm learning from the best Tom berry is fantastic and what he does he's the number one coach right now in North America and I can vouch for that so stay tuned and watch I'm just going to quickly take a glance so how many people are here and I'm hoping that this doesn't get cut off but anytime now give me a second by the way my phone is actually on charge right now imagine I'm kneeling down so forgive me if you can't hear me it's an awesome event and this is the opportunity I have here so that I can serve my clients better and be the best at what I do leave me out your comments tell me what you think is gonna you know what what you want to know and I'll be happy to serve you my number six for seven four zero eight nine nine three eight you know exactly where to find me Cheers

May 30, 2018  - 19 Ambleside Dr


Located in a well sough out neighborhood on Scugog Island among other Executive homes! This property is nestled in a picturesque farmland private backyard and faces the breathtaking view of Lake Scugog! Minutes away from Port Perry, h/w 407, schools, restaurants, shopping and more! This is a perfect vacation home we all dream of. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 solarium, 3 season sunroom, dbl door garage with a 10 car park driveway! Want more? Lots of storage space, bright open concept upgraded kitchen, wood burning fireplace, french doors on the main level, well maintained water system with water softener! Way too many features to list - come see for yourself!




April 19, 2018  - Spring Market Update - April



Hi this is Amaal from Keller Williams Energy. Today I just wanted to quickly send you a video in regard to the spring market for the first quarter 2018; versus the first quarter 201. Lots of people are wondering what's happening in the market, especially with the way the media is going on about it. The radio is always talking about how the market has crashed.That is not true. 

Let's bring things more into perspective - so we're gonna focus in Durham Region: Durham Region prices have dropped by fourteen percent - that's not bad because really last year we were getting a 40 percent return. So if we focus on that number that we're still up by 25 percent on our return. 

When we do sell our property you feel much better. Sales have gone down, but guess what, last year we didn't have that much inventory anyway. We have like point 7 months of inventory - 0.7 less than a month of inventory for three month. In fact, it was half a month of inventory for three months. Now we have two months of inventory at any given time, which is great, now it's more balanced so the numbers are here, if you want more specific numbers - like a detached home, semi or you know townhouse or because you're in Ajax and not in Pickering or you're in Oshawa or Farrington somewhere and you need more specific numbers based on your property type and you're in your city, Please feel free to call me. Email me or text me and I will send that over to you.

It does not look bad. Durham Region is doing really well. The sales are getting better and spring market is thriving now. We are one of the better regions in the GTA; so make the most of it. If you need to list your property and you're worried, I would not worry about it. I would list my property and be glad that were not crashing!

Have yourself a great one, and feel free to call me anytime! 6470408-9938

Thank You!




April 02, 2018  - Home Improvements!

Hi this is Amaal, from Keller Williams! I wanted to talk to you about home improvements.Those normally take a backseat because of budgets and that's normal because it does cost money to do those except that if you really wanted to add value to your property and give your property a fresh look even though you're not selling you're still adding value to your property what you could do is take advantage of your tax returns. So here's what some of the people are doing once they get their tax returns: A kitchen remodeling B .curb appeal C. floors and D. bathrooms Not only will you feel good when you're coming home but mostly you will be adding value to your property think about it as your savings account so whenever you're ready to sell property value will increase.



March 23, 2018      Have you found it yet?



Hi this is Amal, from Keller Williams! The hype of the March Madness, falls in line with the hot March spring market, and this had me thinking - If I were to fil out the bracket of the perfect features, which ones would make it to the tournament? 

I think you would look something like this:  kitchen, layout, convenience, location location location or the outdoors! Did you want a nice backyard that's

landscaped? Do you want a front porch  or did you want a swimming pool in the back? Which four would make it to your top feature list leave me a comment on Facebook. I'm interested ...

and let me help you find your championship home!

Call me!


I look forward to hearing from you!


Feburary 16, 2018       Investment Vs ROI


Have you thought about remodeling your home this year? If so, you’re not alone. It’s the middle of winter, and you’re in your house a lot more thinking about what you can change or improve. Any improvement or remodeling projects require an investment. The big question is, what’s the ROI on your investment going to be? 

Would you believe that replacing your garage door gives you the highest return on investment? At 98.3 percent, research says that replacing your garage door will give you the highest ROI out of all of the projects. 

What’s the lowest? A backyard project at just 47.6 percent. 

If you’re thinking about a remodel, take a look at this ​article​​​ that breaks down the cost vs.value report for 2018.

If you are thinking about a remodel and would like an opinion on how much value it would bring to your home, I can help. If you're not thinking about remodeling, it’s important to stay up to date on your home’s value. I’d be happy to give you a competitive market analysis. Give me a call, text, or send me an email. 



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